About Us

Who We Are?

The very purpose of Sai Sanjeevai Charitable Trust is to persuade , awaken and inspire this innate search in every being , helping them to realize the ultimate within them and thereby creating a new joyful society, a peacefull society.

About us

Out of agitated mind arises agitated thoughts, out of agitated thoughts comes wrong actions, out of wrong actions comes wrong results. A calm, composed, tranquil and blissful mind is the birthright of every human being. All the problems from micro to macro ie. from a individual daily livelihood to antisocial and terriost activities can be solved only by a society filled with bliss full mind people. Of all the human endeavors, the quest for this happiness or bliss is considered to be the most sacred. It is this goal that fulfills the purpose of human form.

Sai Sanjeevani Charitable Trust was founded by humanitarian and Spiritual leader Swami A. Harinarayanan in the 2001 and was registered officially on 13th September 2004 with a holistic view of spiritual and material upliftment of humankind through thoroughly researched and scientific methods. Since then Sai Sanjeevani Charitable Trust has served humanity through care, self help programs and various welfare activates

Seva without Sadhana is bondage and Sadhana without Seva is a burden is the principal and basis of all the activities of the trust.The trust has been a guiding light for the seekers of truth from all the sections of the society. Seekers and volounters from different parts of the world participates in the activities of the trust.The trust has received 80G , 12A and FCRA sanctions from the Government of India.

Our Swamiji

Swami A. Harinarayanan was born in 1975 in Kerala , Guruvayur was a gifted child by birth with qualities like compassion,selflessness and love for all . Swamiji, a yogi and a profound mystic, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. Different people see Swamiji in different ways, some see him as a Yogi, some as a Mystic, some as Guru , some as a friend, some as a visionary humanitarian , some as spiritual scientist and some as a prominent spiritual leader yet he seems to be above all these, in a true blissful state. At a very young age he realized that service to mankind was the easiest path to worship god and consequently he established Sai Sanjeevani charitable trust as a non profitable , educational and humanitarian organization .

Swamiji has dedicated his entire life to serve mankind , to the poor and the destitute. Swamiji loves and cares for everyone.
Swamiji has inspired many spiritual seekers from around the world in achieving their goals , beyond the boundaries of race
nationality and religion . Swamiji has founded many tools and techniques that helps sadhakas experience a deeper and more
joyful life . Swamiji works tirelessly towards the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of all. His mastery over mundane life
along with the profound experience of the self guides every living being to explore the different possibilities and dimensions of Life.Swamiji has evolved reforming yet simple, practical and strong yogic methods for reformation and self development called “Mouna Yoga” .Many who have practiced Mouna yoga have found themselves totally changed and refined . Swamiji has also evolved various healing methods, meditations , breathing techniques, and practical wisdom methods for daily living which have helped many around the world to transform their lives.